Judy Cornwell the novelist

As well as being a prolific actress, Judy also finds time to write novels.

All of these novels are available in audio versions, read by Judy Cornwell,
from Isis Audio Book Publishing

Fear and Favour

Fear and Favour (1996)

When a stolen filofax is returned to Father Peter, a devout Catholic Priest, it reawakens haunting and painful memories of the summer of 1990 - the summer that almost cost him his faith. He must face these memories of the crimes he witnessed, the friends he lost, and the mysteries which remain unsolved.


The Seventh Sunrise

The Seventh Sunrise (1994)

The tale of three women, their lives intertwined, who are each forced to live a lie. Zarah is denying her Indian origins; Sybil is a Jewess passing as a gentile; Leda, an Englishwoman, escapes a loveless marriage through mysticism. Destiny brings each of the women to Egypt to face their fears.


Fishcakes at the Ritz (1989)

When two women meet on an aeroplane, an instant and strong friendship is formed. Sophie is a beautiful young film actress: Gloria, a wealthy and aimless American fighting an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is a compelling story about love and friendship and the destructive power of addiction.


Cow and Cow Parsley

Cow and Cow Parsley (1985)

Isabelle Carrington's husband, unhappy with the apparent disintegration of urban society, decides that they will move to the country. The isolated house that they choose in Somerset seems to welcome Isabelle in an eerily possessive way, and so do the local inhabitants, who seem to have been expecting her.