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Actress and novelist Judy Cornwell's official website, featuring all her film, TV Theatre work, her novels and her autobiography, Adventures of a Jelly Baby.

Discover what actress and author Judy Cornwell is planning next, whether it is another film, stage, or television role or a new book.

Actor and novelist Judy Cornwell's fascinating life and career in movies, television, radio, theatre and writing.

TV / Radio
Television and Radio work by actress Judy Cornwell, including Keeping Up Appearances, Persuasion and The Navy Lark.

Film appearances by actress Judy Cornwell, including Wuthering Heights, Santa Claus the Movie, Cry Freedom and Two for the Road.

Actress Judy Cornwell's stage roles, including parts in Comedy of Errors, Oh What a Lovely War, Bedroom Farce and Blythe Spirit.

Books by Judy Cornwell, novelist and autobiographer, including Cow and Cow Parsley, Fishcakes at the Ritz and The Seventh Sunrise.

Adventures of a Jelly Baby
The autobiography of actress and author Judy Cornwell. Read all about her amazing life and career, including the actors she has worked with and the ideas behind her novels.

Photographs of actress Judy Cornwell, from various stages of her distinguished career in film, theatre and television.

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