Judy on TV and Radio

Judy has made regular appearances on television and radio - in films for TV and TV series for both the BBC and commercial stations.

Films for TV include:

Bavaria Attalier Films/Channel 4
Rosa in The Devil' s Lieutenant 1983

Mrs Musgrove Persuasion 1995

Mrs Baker Five on a Hike Together


Hallmark Turner
Peggotty David Copperfield 2000
Innkeeper's Wife in Mary, Mother of Jesus 1999

Sally Head Productions
Mother Cuxsome in Mayor of Casterbridge 2003

Other work for TV

for BBC TV includes:

Daisy in Keeping Up Appearances (5 series and specials 1990-95)

Rosie in Cakes and Ale (nom. Best Actress, SFTA 1974)

Bessie Tulliver in Mill On The Floss 1978

Guste Daimchen in Man Of Straw 1972

Frieda von Richenburg in Frieda

Maria in The Memorandum

Aunt Peggy in Nice Town

Mrs Bliss in Paying Guests

Mrs Macdipper in December Rose

Wife in The Guest

Mother appearing as all female characters in Brothers Grimm

Maddy in Dr Who

Aunt Belle in Bergerac

Lady Gay Spanker in London Assurance

Ginny in Relatively Speaking

Mrs Brock in Good Behaviour

Lola Clinton in Doctors

for Thames TV includes:

Miss Smith in Call Me Daddy (Emmy Award)

Miss Pegg in Moody and Pegg series.

Miss Matty in Cranford musical.


for Granada TV includes:

Regular cast member in The Younger Generation series of plays.

Regular cast member in Paris 1900, Feydeau Farces award-winning series of plays.

Lucy in The Fall of Lucy Hodges Rogues Gallery series.

for Anglia TV includes:

Spinster in The Cork Moustache Two hander.

Wife in The Anniversary

for YTV Includes:

Miss Trant in Good Companions musical series.

Joyce in Ruffian on the Stair

Daughter in law in The Chinese Prime Minister

Mother in A Little Roccoco

May Cuttle in Midsomer Murders

Isabella in Heartbeat

Martha in The Royale

Liz in There Comes A Time sit com series

Wife in The Twelve Pound Look

Wife in The Bonus

Sarah in Farrington FO

Mrs Palmer (mother) in The Life And Crimes of William Palmer

Central TV - Matron in Boon

TVS - Mum in Super Mum

Carlton - Josie in Wrong Side of the Rainbow

And not forgetting radio:

Pier Productions, BBC Radio 4.
Martha Gunn in Brighton Women

BBC Radio 4
Lisa in Scenes of Seduction

BBC Radio 4
Wren Cornwell in The Navy Lark series.

BBC Radio 4.
Cuckoo in Cuckoo



BBC Radio Manchester
Mother/Aunt Gussie in My Brilliant Career

BBC Radio Birmingham
Blake's Seven

BBC Radio 4.
Dolly in Lynthwaite Ladies series

BBC Radio 4
Nurse The Scan Two-hander, play of the week.